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Strengths-Based Coaching

Inspire clients to leverage what they do best and manage what they don't.

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Your coaching enables others to be their best self.

Your clients yearn to be happy—satisfied at work and in their relationships.

As a College of Executive Coaching Certified Strengths Coach, the best teams and organizations will rely on you as the professional to help employees be more successful and happier at work.

We help you use the power of the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment, along with other well-validated strengths assessments, to help people accomplish great things by doing what they naturally do best. We teach our coaches how to have skilled coaching conversations that focus on helping people understand their talents and turn them into strengths. Unlike other strengths coach training, we don't rely on just one assessment or one methodology. We provide a multi-faceted strengths coaching toolset and coaching models that not only include how to use the best strengths coaching assessments, but also in-depth coaching competency development. Through our training you not only become prepared to be a certified strengths coach, but also receive all the education needed for application to become an ICF Credentialed Coach.

If you want to help people be at their best, build a rewarding coaching career, have an opportunity to become part of our growing Strengths Coaching Network, if that's your goal, then it's time to become a College of Executive Coaching Certified Strengths Coach.

Learn directly from Dr. Jeffrey E. Auerbach, MCC, co-author of best-selling Positive Psychology in Coaching and praised for his development of strengths-based coaching ideas by the creator of the CliftonStrengths assessment, Dr. Donald Clifton. Dr. Auerbach personally designs, manages, and teaches this strengths coaching certification program.

Become a Strengths Coach

ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program

Professionals in roles who are most frequently becoming strengths coaches:

Human Resources

Organizational Development

Learning and Development


Counseling, Psychology, and Social Work

Independent Coaching

Medicine and Nursing

Executives and Consultants

What You Will Learn as a College of Executive Coaching Certified Strengths Coach

College of Executive Coaching was the first International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program to focus on executive coaching, and we have trained thousands of coaches and leaders to help others maximize their potential in the workplace and in their home life.

You will learn how to:

  1. Help clients move forward on their most important goals through the use of specific coaching competencies.
  2. Coach others to achieve their goals by leveraging their natural talents.
  3. Help clients manage obstacles effectively and strategically using their talents and strengths.
  4. Teach teams to succeed by helping them discover, develop, and use their unique talents to improve team engagement and productivity.
  5. Master multiple strengths coaching assessments: CliftonStrengths 34 talent themes and VIA Survey assessment.
  6. Take your coaching to a higher level by developing your talents and strengths.
  7. Help people transform their relationships by having deeper insights about themselves and how to work better with others.
  8. Teach leaders to have higher performing teams by addressing specific team-related issues.
  9. Increase your coaching credibility and boost your income.

Strengths Coaching Certification Steps

Your path to leading others to greatness starts here. Learn about the components of our comprehensive curriculum that prepares you to become an expert in strengths-based coaching and a College of Executive Coaching Certified Strengths Coach.

  • Step One

    Complete College of Executive Coaching's Strengths Coaching Certification Curriculum.

    Learn how to be an expert strengths coach through our comprehensive, multi-faceted, multi-strengths assessment based transformational coaching curriculum. The curriculum includes access to our Positive Psychology in Coaching Online Tool Kit, our Strengths Coaching Starter Tool Kit and our Strengths-Based Coaching Managers and Teams Tool Kit.

  • Step Two

    Complete your certification application and certification exam.

    Once you've finished the coursework:

    • Complete the online application
    • Complete the coaches agreement
    • Take the online, open-book exam
    • Submit a recording and transcript of one strengths based coaching session
    • Submit coaching evaluations from four coaching sessions
  • Step Three

    Become a College of Executive Coaching Certified Strengths Coach.

    With your certification you've earned the designation of College of Executive Coaching Strengths Coach and gained the benefits that it entails, including recognition such as potential continuing education credit by the following organizations:

    • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
    • American Psychological Association (APA)
    • International Coach Federation (ICF)
    • HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
  • Step Four

    Unleash the Income-Producing Power of the College of Executive Coaching Strengths Coaching Network

    This is an application-only network of College of Executive Coaching Strengths Coaches that are advertised on CEC's Strengths Coach Finder Service. This is a group of top strengths coaches—based on application and merit—who join CEC's independent contractor network.

Pursue your coaching certification today.

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