Testimonials of College of Executive Coaching


"I researched all the available coach training programs in North America and found that CEC had the most credible, qualified and accomplished faculty. During the course, the quality of the training surpassed my already high expectations. The stringent entrance requirements resulted in a highly professional and exceptional group of participants that made the learning environment fun & rewarding."
—Todd Kettner, Ph.D., Vancouver, Canada

"I appreciated the balance of relevant research and validated tools with the opportunities to practice with real peers – peers with comparable levels of education and life experience. The support of my new network will be invaluable going forward."
—Don Arnoudse, M.A., Lexington, Massachusetts

"The intensity and breadth of this training experience has confirmed my desire to become a coach. I will carry this experience with me for the remainder of my coaching career and my life."
—Maxwell Manning, Ph.D., Laurel, Maryland

"Amazing workshops! Wonderful tools given and explained."
—Karen Pohn, J.D., San Diego, California

"Through the classes, the activities, the after class discussions, I've really become more focused on my coaching direction. If you want to know the best it can be (coaching), this is the place."
—Cheryl Strong, M.Ed., Laguna Vista, Texas

"All the information was extremely relevant as well as interesting. The feedback on our assessment inventories was fabulous."
—Laurie Ellington, MA, CPC, Flagstaff, Arizona

"This has been one of the best, and most practical, learning experiences I have had in years. Anyone thinking of recreating their profession should consider attending this course."
—Chuck P. Allen, Ph.D., Ventura, California

"Very effective multi-level instruction – teachers, practice, demonstration – while we, ourselves, are being developed as if being coached."
—Mary-Wales North, Psy.D., Tucson, Arizona

"I really felt a benefit from the coaching feedback session. I valued being able to observe three different styles of coaching in action and to receive supportive, insightful feedback from faculty. Excellent…Excellent…Excellent!!"
—Laura Simpson, MRA, Atascadero, California

"The courses were well organized and I particularly enjoyed being able to practice the skills and tools and receive feedback from the instructors and my peers. The students are all top-notch, which is what I wanted and was hoping for! So glad CEC has criteria for accepting students only with graduate degrees! Watching everyone else coach was a great learning experience."
—Robin Gaither, MBA, MSW, Capitola, California

"If you want to be a professional coach, this program is mandatory. Nowhere else can you get the assembly of talent & the resources that are available here. I would certainly recommend these courses to colleagues prepared to work for a professional and valuable coaching certification."
—Rob Sproule, Ph.D., Joondalup, Western Australia

"In the course of six days, I learned so much and have transformed from being unclear on my goals with coaching to having more clarity and feeling like I now possess the skills to create the coaching practice I envision."
—K. P. Philpott, MS, Eugene, Oregon

"The 44-hour intensive workshop has been the best workshop I've ever attended. Not only did I grow professionally, but I grew personally as well. The faculty is obviously expert in their respective fields and very generous in their teaching and personal interactions. In addition, CEC provided a safe and trusting atmosphere in which to learn."
—Regina Josell, Psy.D., Highland Heights, Ohio

"When I first arrived I was a little skeptical about the program yet as the days went on it was like a flower that was blossoming more and more each day until it fully bloomed. Like that garden there is a lot more work to be done for me to fill it with these flowers of knowledge."
—Karen D. Sacks, MA, Boca Raton, Florida

"This workshop was personally and professionally beneficial. The faculty's knowledge and willingness to give extra time and input to us was extraordinarily gracious. The audio and video presentations were initially intimidating but really so much fun!"
—Wanda Bethea, Ph.D., West Melbourne, Florida

"This has been an extraordinary opportunity to learn from both faculty and course participants, to share the vision of coaching as a profession, to move towards competency and self-actualization in a safe environment."
—Maria J. Barosso, M.S., Caracas, Venezuela

"This is the very best school in Executive Coaching that there is. The instruction is of high caliber as well as the staff. In addition to the excellence of the didactic experience, the College is motivated by a high level of ethics and commitment to the community and to the world at large. Personally, it was a transforming, peak experience for me. I highly recommend it to anybody who is highly trained already, who is committed to improve himself/herself, and who has a heart. It cannot get better than this."
—Anonymous, Boca Raton, Florida

"It was an experience of personal, professional and spiritual growth. There was not a portion of the six days that was not engaging, beneficial and powerful."
—Carole Evans, M.Ed., Brighton, Mississippi

"These workshops increased my confidence in my ability to coach. I learned excellent techniques and benefited greatly from interactions with my peers. The whole program has been extremely worthwhile – I have made an excellent choice with CEC!"
—Anonymous, Boca Raton, Florida

"This course offered incremental and consistent concepts, theories, and approaches to use as coaching tools throughout the coaching process. The case studies, "real-life" scenarios, and interactive homework with other students provided learning through knowledge, practicum and experience. I found I was able to implement these building blocks we learned along the way of our sixteen-week telecourse, progressively improving my skills and "tool chest" along the way. This is a truly effective way for people to be actively involved during the learning process and to attain a higher level of coaching skills absorption. Thank you Jeff! I look forward to the opportunity to take another telecourse in the future."
—Sharon Maher, MS, Benicia, California

"This course provided very practical and useable information in a well organized way. I compared several "coach" training programs and selected the College of Executive Coaching not only for the content and quality instructors but also for its solid foundation based on a high level of ethical standards. With so many programs and certifications for coaching available and so many people calling themselves "coach" – the College of Executive Coaching has its roots firmly planted in the soil of integrity. For sixteen years we've based our business on "integrity" (if you don't have integrity – you have nothing) – the College of Executive Coaching meets our criteria."
—Steve Varga, MA, San Antonio, Texas

"I found this class to be very helpful in deepening my knowledge of what it means to be a coach in the practical sense. I learned many new techniques that I have successfully put into practice. I learned a tremendous amount from the other participants and their willingness to share their experience helped me see how coaching is different than counseling. This course has furthered my excitement in making this career shift. I am looking forward to continuing on. This is a very solid program."
—Nancy Sayer, MS, NCC, Naperville, Illinois

"You have provided everything I needed to begin a coaching practice."
—William Shearer, Ph.D., Redlands, California

"Fabulous learning – fabulous content – fabulous staff – wonderful fellow students. Cutting edge learning…Helped put the pieces together, reinsured strengths. Great, valuable feedback."
—Beth Haggett, MSW, Seattle, Washington

"Dr. Auerbach's coaching information has been very beneficial and stimulating for me and useful in expanding my professional practice."
—John Nightingale, Ph.D., Ventura, California

"What a wonderful day, Jeff. Thank you for your inspirational leadership. I learned so much and did so much thinking about the future. Outstanding!"
—Mary Jo Lass, Ed.D., California

"The intensive training was packed with information, highly professional. I'm proud to have done it and will be glad to recommend it to other professionals. It is supportive, creates wonderful networking and had wonderful information."
—Carol Henry, Ph.D., Seattle, Washington

"This course was especially timely for me. It is exciting to see an alternative to being a therapist that fits so well with my education and experience. I am very motivated!"
—Linda Schrader, MS, MFT

"This experience was very valuable to me to learn about the coaching profession -- especially via 'phone work'. A wealth of practical info and resources. Thank you!"
—Sue A. Cooper, Ph.D., California

"Your step-by-step, dynamic and practical, presentations make it easy for people to accomplish their goals in this new field."
—Rob Wolf, Ph.D., Irvine, California

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