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Executive and Business Coaching

What improvements would you like to see in your career?

Your coach can help you advance quickly. Working with your coach can help you develop and accomplish strategic plans, enhance decision-making, handle difficult people and difficult work situations, meet sales goals, clarify your priorities and stick to them. Coaches help people with complicated lives become more efficient and productive. You can decrease behaviors that hinder you and you can overcome obstacles to success.

Coaching is convenient. Most coaching is conducted in weekly half-hour to one-hour telephone calls from your home or office.

You excel because of these unique features of the College of Executive Coaching:

  • Assessment: Professional assessment tools provide an objective starting point to evaluate your strengths and areas for potential improvement.
  • Synergy: You and your coach become a team, focusing on your goals and accomplishing more than you would alone.
  • Structure: Your coach provides you an accountability mechanism so you can take more action, think bigger and get the job done.
  • Expertise: Your coach's expertise and perspective can help you make more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure your professional and personal life for maximum productivity and personal satisfaction.

Coaching helps you! You will examine your career and your life objectively and see what you like and what you want to improve. You will review and revise your goals and develop specific action plans to remove blocks and achieve your dreams.

Objective Assessments Will Give You an Advantage

A benefit of the College of Executive Coaching is our Masters and Ph.D. level coaches can give you leadership, personality style, emotional intelligence or aptitude assessments to help you identify and maximize the benefits of your unique qualities and identify potential areas for development. Some of these more advanced, exclusive assessment tools are only available to licensed psychologist coaches. We have many licensed psychologist certified coaches on our faculty and a referral list of other advanced degree professionals who have achieved our stringent certification process.

Your coach can help you eliminate obstacles that are draining your energy and time. You can work with your coach to make your life the way you really want it to be.

With a coach you have an expert to help keep you on track and help you negotiate any obstacles. Having a Coach is like having a personal trainer for your life and business-- helping you to have faster, more consistent success.

The College of Executive Coaching offers outstanding personal, business and executive coaching so you can have the life you want.

Do you feel like you are not accomplishing as much as you could in your career? Do you want assistance in developing strategic plans or developing a new business? Do you feel like opportunities and or your life is "sliding by"?

Your personal executive coach can help you manage difficult challenges that you may have and help you leverage your strengths to achieve new levels of success.

Overcome Obstacles

You can move beyond obstacles, time-draining situations and difficult people that are interfering with your success. Dr. Jeff Auerbach, President of The College of Executive Coaching and licensed psychologist, and his senior level team of executive coaches have been helping people achieve their dreams for twenty years.

Dr. Auerbach first helps you clarify exactly what you want out of life and then keeps you on track to make it happen.

Executive Coaching. Not a positive thinking motivational seminar or "pep talk". Not a get rich scheme. Not therapy. Not a time management class.

You know about personal trainers for your body - executive coaching is like having a personal trainer for your career and your life.

You can have the best support possible to help you clarify your own unique vision for your life and remove barriers to financial, career or personal success. You will have a personable, supportive, respectful coach that will help hold you accountable to your vision.

Without a coach most people have less money, less time with their family, less vacations and more personal and career stress and frustration.

Over the past twenty years many high-level executives enjoyed having personal executive coaches. Often having a great coach was a pre-requisite for rising to the top of the biggest, most profitable companies in America. Now everyone who wants a coach can have one.

Best Investment

Coaching is convenient and one of the best investments you will ever make — an investment in making the most of your life.

Do you want to begin working with an outstanding coach?

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